Who is india's biggest digital marketer?

Jitendra Vaswani is India's leading digital marketer. He completed his degree in IT at Rajasthan Technical University.

Who is india's biggest digital marketer?

Jitendra Vaswani is India's leading digital marketer. He completed his degree in IT at Rajasthan Technical University. Career Achievements He wrote more than 2500 blogs and articles. Author of 4 published books with 2 bestsellers: The Weak Point Dealer and The Unproposed Guy.

It has earned more than 7.5 lakh of leads delivered to date and boasts an impressive ROI. The digital marketing industry has been booming for the past 10 years. Nowadays, it is one of the most in-demand skills in the field of marketing. .

He is known as a digital Deepak in the digital marketing world. He has been in the digital marketing industry for more than 6 years and has also worked with several Indian startups such as RazorPay, Practo, Digital Vidhya, Instamojo and many others as a digital marketing manager. Harsh Agarwal is one of the best professional bloggers and founder of the award-winning blog Shoutmeloud. He is an education engineer and a full-time blogger by profession.

Pritam Nagrale is the founder of DMatic Digital. He began his digital marketing journey in 2004, when digital marketing was known as Internet marketing. Currently, it has the mission of helping aspiring young people learn digital marketing. You can take a look at his YouTube channel.

Even so, he earned more than 90,000 subscribers in less than 6 to 8 months and more than 2 million views on his videos. Bhavik Sarkhedi is the CEO and founder of India's most valued content marketing agency, Write Right (link www, write-right, in). In addition, Bhavik Sarkhedi has co-founded Dad of Ad, a 360-degree digital marketing company, and Estorytellers, a full-fledged content marketing agency. Bhavik has published 4 books to date, of which The Unproposed Guy and The Weak Point Dealer are renowned names that have garnered a lot of buzz.

When you're not marketing online, read about psychology, science fiction and philosophy. With 8 full years of industry experience, Bhavik Sarkhedi, 28, is currently one of the youngest digital marketers in India and represents India among the world's renowned professionals. Gautam Kalal is the founder of RocketScienceIdea and has more than 15 years' experience in the digital industry. It belongs to a very small town in Udaipur.

He began his career as a bartender and now Gautam Kalal is the CEO and works with more than 200 clients around the world. He works in many fields throughout his professional career, such as website design, marketing, branding and business strategies in several companies in his corporate career. Get FREE e-books, training modules, updates and offers. Sorav Jain was also named one of the “25 best social media professionals in India” by the World Youth Marketing Forum.

Sorav Jain is the kind of person who motivates all entrepreneurs, marketing experts, specialists, online marketers and students in India. Also known as Digital Deepak, Deepak has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing. Deepak is among India's top 10 digital marketing specialists, with more than 15 years of industry experience. They also offer an internship program on their site where you'll not only meet incredible new people, but you'll also be able to connect with some of the best bloggers in the industry.

After completing his studies at IIT in Delhi in 1999, Pradeep joined TCS as an associate systems engineer. He soon learned about digital marketing and is helping people grow through digital marketing. Pradeep has been part of the Internet industry since 2000 and is one of the pioneers of digital marketing in India. He believes that “Internet connectivity is more important than water supply.

He has personally trained 26%, has advised CEOs across Asia and more than 2500 professionals to grow their businesses through Digital Vidya's hands-on digital marketing training programs. He has taught more than 35 digital marketing courses for large companies, such as HUL, TOI, HPCL, TCS, ICICI, Pidilite, Kotak, Nokia, Wipro and other renowned educational institutions. He has been on more than 1,200 Google listings for social media, 26% digital marketing professionals, consultants in India and the best digital social media marketing strategists in India. Anoop has helped more than 800 organizations in its more than 15 years of experience, from startups to industry leaders and various government initiatives.

He is a well-known public relations strategist on social networks and is frequently hired by emerging entrepreneurs, politicians or political parties to change political image and manage online reputation on all communication channels in his constituency. He has worked on more than 300 websites and mobile applications, has more than 30 knowledge of Alexa around the world, has published on Wikipedia, is a TEDx speaker, founded his own digital marketing business while still in college, and has educated more than 1500 students at the best universities in India. He is also writing a book on Google Adwords and is the author of more than 50 technology blogs. With more than 17 years of professional experience, Ananth is a global award-winning corporate trainer, coach, speaker, digital marketer, collaborator with Harvard Business Review, digital ROI strategist, entrepreneur and author.

As a corporate trainer and coach for 26% of visiting professors, Ananth has trained more than 10,000 participants in major corporate brands, Fortune 500 companies and elite academic institutions. He is a blogger and influencer for elite brands around the world. In addition, he is a well-known speaker for Fortune 500 companies around the world on digital ROI, leadership and entrepreneurship. With more than 25 years of marketing experience, Bhat seamlessly combines classic advertising approaches with new digital information, making him one of the best digital marketing specialists in India.

Thanks to effective marketing and content tactics, & their experience in B2B marketing, Arockiasamy, has helped companies evolve. He is the director of digital marketing for Trigent Software Inc. With more than 12 years of professional experience, Neha Kulwal is currently the country director of Admission India. He has a strong track record of success in the Internet industry, with a focus on search engine optimization (SEO), customer relationship management (CRM) and market research.

A former student of IIM Bangalore, he is a corporate digital marketing trainer and runs a successful digital marketing training institute in Bangalore with a team of 45 members. He has been a coach for major brands such as Decathlon, Myntra, HPE, etc. Kunal's work has been recognized and rewarded by several platforms throughout his career. However, as he himself says, his greatest achievement has been to create NEWJ and increase it from 3 people to 200 in just 3 years.

Rajat Jain is the founder and CEO of “Shoot Order”, a top-tier digital marketing firm with more than 200 clients around the world. In addition, he is considered to be the best digital marketing consultant in India. As one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Bihar, Prabharak Alok is known for creating digital marketing trends in his home state. He founded Digiwalebabu (B2B digital marketing company) and Humans Of Bihar.

Over the years, it has inspired more than 5,000 students to pursue a career in digital marketing. He has offered advice to many companies such as Ampliz, The Media Ant and Aurumara. He graduated as a computer engineer from VIT Jaipur and has created several startups such as My22Yards, SeoBizRank, Humans Of Bihar and StartupMedias. He is a prominent speaker at key industry events and has addressed audiences ranging from 15 to 900 people.

He is also a famous commentator and writer of opinion articles on digital, marketing and branding for major magazines. Pritam Nagrale is the founder of DMatic Digital (Digital Marketing Training Institute). He began his digital marketing adventure in 2004, when digital marketing was known as Internet Marketing. For example, when he created his YouTube channel, before 6 months in the competitive niche, when thousands of other digital marketing materials were already available on YouTube, he could still get more than 90,000 followers in less than 6 to 8 months and more than 2 million views on his videos.

Previously, he worked at Microsoft as a project manager for 4 years. Check out our article on the 12 best ways to get a job in digital marketing as you get cooler. Trends are constantly changing in this industry and, due to their dynamism and adaptability, these people have made it to this list. They are the real jewels that have revolutionized the world of digital marketing.

Here is the list of the 10 best digital marketing specialists in India along with their profiles. Bhavik Sarkhedi is considered one of the best digital marketing experts today. He is a leading digital marketing consultant and founder of Write Right, Taletel and estorytellers. He has collaborated on some of the best publications, such as yourstory, Huffington Post, Good firms, clutch and more than 45 international magazines and publications.

At 17, Sorav entered the world of digital marketing. He earned his degree from Loyola College in Chennai and a master's degree in International Marketing Management from the University of Leeds Business School. Sorav Jain decided to share his experiences, so he began giving informative conferences on digital marketing at NASSCOM, the Indian Industry Association, and at respected institutes such as IIM (Kozhikode, LIBA) and several others. He organized more than 100 workshops and trained more than 3,500 professionals in social networks.

It focuses on social media marketing, training and development of consulting applications, and personal branding. He organized the first social media summit in Chennai with more than 24 speakers from different parts of the world. He released his book “Social Networks for Companies” to share his knowledge about social media skills and the power of branding. This publication educates the reader on aspects related to social websites and about the various challenges and opportunities for Indian manufacturers to become loyal brands on social media.

Prateek Shah is the founder of Digital Defynd digital marketing and learning center, Asia's leading digital marketer community. It is a digital marketing center for receiving all marketing requests by communicating, contributing and collaborating with digital marketing ideas. Ananth Narayan has won three global digital marketing awards as CMO Asia and has received three global awards. He is the first-place winner of the Peter Drucker Challenge worldwide in the group of entrepreneurs in 40 countries.

He is a well-known speaker, social media influencer, corporate trainer, coach, digital marketing management trainer (26%) and digital strategist for some of the top corporate brands on the Fortune 500 list, 26 elite academic institutions from around the world. He is a renowned speaker and has led more than 35 training sessions in marketing and electronic advertising for distinguished firms such as Kodak, Nokia, Wipro, TCS, ICICI and many others. He's a well-known brilliant man in digital marketing and he's one of the biggest icons in this industry right now. Pradeep Chopra is a faint from Delhi's IIT.

He is one of the innovators of digital marketing in India. Digital Vidya, a leading training company in digital marketing and data analysis, Pradeep, is the co-founder and CEO. Pradeep Chopra has been part of the Internet industry since 2000 and has shown enormous growth in the field of the marketing industry. Pradeep's goal was to make digital marketing a place for learning to promote talent in the marketing field.

Digital Vidya provides a platform for learning about digital marketing through courses. This institute has changed the fortunes of more than 38,000 professionals from more than 55 countries in the last 10 years. Lakshmipathy Bhat has 25 years of experience in the marketing world. Brilliantly balances traditional advertising methods and new digital information.

He is currently the director of commercial communications at Robosoft Technologies, which is a leading company in flexibility solutions. The role of Lakshmipathy in the field of marketing is valuable. He specializes in creating digital marketing strategies, generating leads, PPC advertising in Adwords, planning and conceptualizing websites, Facebook marketing, e-commerce website marketing, and designing landing pages and websites. He then founded Lighthouse Insights, an online magazine that provides comprehensive coverage that influences the decisions of Indian sellers in an ever-changing digital world.

It is a digital marketing center for answering all marketing inquiries by communicating, contributing and collaborating with digital marketing ideas. Mridul first studied at the Malaviya National Institute of Technology and became an educator and the leading digital marketing workforce after graduating as an architect. Sorav Jain is the author, trainer and founder of the digital marketing agency EchoVME and digital scholar (Chennai Digital Marketing Institute). Understanding consumer preferences and expectations at different stages of the buying cycle is the key to discovering what you can do for consumers from a digital marketing perspective.

He has extensive experience in lead generation and digital channel development through digital channels such as social media, Google search, email and mobile devices. If you're an aspiring digital marketer, you can follow him, learn how digital marketing works in major companies and how you can get a job there. Priya Florence Shah is the founder and executive director of BlogBrandz Digital LLP, a digital marketing agency in Pune. Amit Mishra is a YouTuber, blogger, entrepreneur, public speaker, digital marketer and public speaker.

An architect with a strong interest in digital marketing, Mridul Kabra became a professor of digital marketing. Digital Defynd is a member-driven digital marketplace that helps people obtain digital solutions, such as marketing services, training, hiring and product discovery. .

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