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Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation as a Huge Industry

ID-100173680Myrtle Beach golf vacation is a huge and lucrative part of the hospitality and entertainment industry in the United States.

This beach, which is in the center of the Grand Strand in South Carolina, is host to many hotels and Myrtle Beach golf courses that lure vacationers to the coast.

You can plan your yearly vacation with Myrtle Beach in mind if you have passion for golf.

Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation offers you varieties of Golf and Hotel Packages

One of the attractions of Myrtle Beach golf vacations is the various golf and hotel packages vacationers enjoy when they book their vacations in this coastal and tourist spot.

The golf packages include various deals that would see that golfers get to enjoy different rounds of golf in the best golf courses in the Grand Strand.

More so, they also have hotel packages that would see golfers enjoy luxurious accommodation, meals, and entertainment after playing golf in their choice nearby golf courses.

Best Western Ocean Sands Resort

ID-10084064Myrtle Beach is a top vacation spot in the coastline of South Carolina. This spot is notable for its numerous luxurious golf courses and surrounding resorts that offer golfers different forms of luxury accommodations.

The best part is that you get to see many top class hotels and resorts that provide specific golf vacation packages.

If you decide to have your golf vacation in Myrtle Beach, then you obviously would want to take advantage of the best hotels and resorts to enjoy a memorable golf holiday.

This post provides hints on one of the best and top rated golf vacation hotels you can book into. This hotels is located in North Myrtle Beach and it would be exciting to see what they offer.

Best Western Ocean Sands Resort

This resort is located in South Ocean Boulevard in North Myrtle Beach. It is known for providing guests and golfers with lots of fascinating golf vacation package deals.

The rooms are mostly in one or two room suites. Guests who needed extra hospitality can as well try out the Deluxe King rooms and penthouse suites.

From this resort, guests and golfers can also take advantage of nearby attractions and beautiful scenery. Special golf vacation packages and offered and these deals may include discounted rates.