Common Pests In The Spring

In most areas, spring is usually considered a very beautiful time of the year. During this time cherry blossoms can be noticed as the season brings with it a large number of visitors. On the other hand, spring is also the time when unwanted pests become a nightmare for most residents and business owners alike. Some of these problematic creatures and pests are discussed below.

common pests in MarylandDuring spring, the temperature is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Termites usually come out in large numbers, normally referred to as swarms. This is the time when they start their breeding cycle, thus they can multiply at a very fast rate. They can cause havoc and considerable damage once they gain access into your home. It is important to contact the local pest control immediately you notice termites around or in your home.

Ants are creatures that become quite active during spring. It is during this time also that they search for food as well as nesting grounds. They are normally attracted to any food that is left over or that has been accidentally dropped on the floor. The ants, also known as house ants are usually very tiny with a black and brown appearance. If you experience them continuously, it can actually be a sign that there is a large colony. You should contact pest control so that they can be professionally treated.

Cockroaches can be another menace during spring. They are able to survive long winters but start multiplying very rapidly during spring as the temperatures are high. Cracks, vents and drain pipes can form an entry route for the cockroaches into your home. Unfortunately, it is not quite easy to notice these creatures as they are pretty much nocturnal, meaning they only move around at night. An infestation is enough to cause allergic reactions and other health related problems. It is important to seek the help of professional treatment as over-the-counter pesticides may only be a temporary remedy in such infestations.

Where you live determines what type of pests are going to cause the most problems. Termites can cause some real problems anywhere, but are especially tough to homeowners in Maryland.  A MTB termite inspection may be the biggest way to relieve any stress or worries you have about termites invading your home.  MTB are Baltimore exterminators with a great reputation.

Spiders can also be found in large numbers during spring. They can be found in the garages, basements and other areas that are sheltered. Spider infestations occur due to the presence of many other insects around your home. Contact pest control for more help.

You might also notice bees in your home especially in early spring. Typically, these could be wasps or hornets that have been living in the wall cracks and attics in your home during winter. In the spring, they try to establish new colonies by laying eggs. They should be handled as quickly as possible to avoid bigger problems when they establish colonies. Always get in touch with the local pest control in order to get professional treatment for any of the mentioned pests.